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Honeywell Mesh Pre-Filter for 20x20 Electronic Air Cleaners

Honeywell Mesh Pre-Filter for 20x20 Electronic Air Cleaners. Systyem Requires 2 Pcs. Package of 2

Regular price $54.00
  • Fits Honeywell 20" x 20" Electronic Air Cleaners
  • Replaces Honeywell 203370 and 203373
  • Not OEM Product
  • Actual/Exact Size of one Pre-Filter is 9 7/8" x 19 5/8" x 3/8"
  • Fits Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner Models F50A1124, F50A1165, F50E1182, F50E6124, F50E6165, F50E8021, F50E8062, F50F1032, F50F1107, F55A1244, F55A1426, F55A1459, F55F1029, F55F1052, F58A1050, F58F1026, F300A2020, F300E1027, and Lennox Electronic Air Cleaner Models EAC-17SQ, EAC-17SQ-1
  • Pre-Filters come with 1/4" removable tension springs
  • Made in Canada
  • Package of 2
  • Pick Up in Store $44.00