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About Us

Furnace Filters.Ca & Furnace Filters.Com originally started as Toronto Filters. Ca in 2000 as an online source for Furnace Filters & Humidifier Pads.

Based on feedback from our customers finding the right size or right brand of filters for their furnace and or humidifier is difficult and sometimes even after finding a supplier the price they charge is too expensive.

Our  intent is to provide a reliable source with multiple options when possible for all furnace filters and humidifier parts at a reasonable price in Canada. We also try to give information to educate home owners about the benefits and importance of maintaining the filtration and humidification systems in their homes.

We would like Home Owners to know when a Furnace Installer upgrades your filtration system from a 1" filter cabinet to a 5" filter cabinet basically he is doing a good thing because a High Efficiency Furnace needs a High Efficiency Filter in order to get the most efficiency out of the Furnace and or Air Condition System. The 1" filter does not have enough surface area to allow the blower/fan to pull sufficient air for maximum efficiency of these furnaces which can be as high as 96% efficient or 22 SEER Air Condition System.

Indoor Air Quality is still not taken seriously by many home owners, too many of them still buy unhealthy 1" fiberglass filters and don't realize that not only they are compromising their families health but are slowly causing their furnace or air conditioning system to fail prematurely or end up with expensive service calls.

Consider the amount of time you spend in your homes , if the Air Quality is poor it will eventually affect your health, please also consider testing your homes basement for Radon Gas, this gas according to some studies is the second leading cause of Lung Cancer, smoking being the number one cause.