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Honeywell HC26E 1004 Antimicrobial Humidifier Pad Package of 2.

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  • Agion Antimicrobial Pad Part # HC26E 1004 For Enviracare Elite Humidifiers¬†
  • Fits on Honeywell Bypass Flow-Through Humidifiers
  • For Enviracare HE260, HE265, HE360, HE365, and Honeywell HE260A, HE260B, HE265A, HE265B, HE360A, HE360B, HE365A, HE365B, ME360A ME360B HE360A1019, and HE360B1009
  • Approximate Size of Pad 13" x 10" x 1 1/2"
  • This Pad can be Substituted¬†for less Expensive HC26A-1008
  • Package of 2
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