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All Hepa Air Cleaners

Lennox /Healthy Climate Part # 92X10 Hepa Cartridge.

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Air Cleaner replacement HEPA cartridge for:

  • Healthy Climate HEPA 40, Lennox HEPA 40, Healthy Climate HEPA 60, Lennox HEPA 60
  • Amaircare: AWW-350, AWW-675,3000 Easy Twist(New Units), 4000HV, 4000 HEPA CHEM(will convert the unit to a HEPA), 6000V, 6000V Cart, 7500 (2 required), 7500 Cart (2 pieces required),7500 Cart (2 required) 
  • Sears 4000HV, 6000V
  • Sanitaire SA6000, SA7000 (2 required)
  • Frigidaire FCF350, FCF675

Lennox Healthy/Climate Part # 92X09 Carbon Inner Filter.

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500 CFM Models for up to 4000 square feet.
Air cleaner replacement HEPA carbon inner filter for:
Amaircare (Air Wash) 4000HV Also.

Lennox Healthy/Climate Part # X4138 Carbon Pre-Filter MERV 6.

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60 Carbon Pre Filter x4138
Lennox HEPA 40
Lennox HEPA 60

Lennox/ Healthy Climate Part # 98X75 VOC Cannister.

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HEPA air cleaner replacement VOC canister 100% carbon for:
Amaircare 4000HV
Healthy Climate HEPA-40
Healthy Climate HEPA-60